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Laptrays4u have been established for over five years. We supply excellent quality designer and personalised lap trays , Lap Top Trays and other products. We endeavour to use designs to compliment our customers surroundings. The colours are vibrant and sharp. The lap tray bean cushion moulds itself to the contours of the knees, making lap trays a convenient, functional and stable surface for working, eating and drinking from.


For abled and disabled users, lap trays present an ideal surface to work from. It is an ideal surface to use a lap top PC on with a keyboard or mouse. For many people lap trays are convenient and fun. Our products are very useful to disabled people.


Where do most people eat their dinner these days? You got it, they love sitting in front of the TV eating their meal, especially the kids. Why not make it easier, more fun and less mess, use one of our high quality Designer lap trays, or if you really want to impress your family and friends, have a custom made lap tray made for you with the image of your choice. We are now able to supply LAP TOP TRAYS these are a little wider and allow the comfortable use of a lap top PC with room fo a mouse. Again, these lap top trays can be personalised
















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